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Meadow Miniature Pressed Flower Jewellery
Benbulben County Sligo

Welcome to Meadow Miniatures     Tel. +353 (0)719189215


Tom's Cottage, Spotfield, Bunnanadden, Ballymote, Co. Sligo. Republic of Ireland

Who We Are
A family business established in 1980. Husband and wife, we enjoy our work sharing the pleasures of designing and creating our Pressed Flower Jewellery collections inspired by the natural beauty of the wonderful and abundant landscape surrounding us in the foothills of the Ox Mountains. W. B. Yeats "Land of Hearts Desire".

What We Do
We combine nature's gift of real flowers, and sterling silver to create our unique range of hand made, real flower jewellery. Each piece is made with painstaking care. We grow the flowers, dry and press them and set them in designs in our workshop. The very small flowers are florets of Alyssum and the larger flowers are Verbena with cow parsley (Queen Anne's lace).

pressing the alyssum

We attend exhibitions throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Our work can also been seen at a number of stockists and craft studios throughout Ireland and the UK.

We can supply our jewellery by mail order; telephone order, or by shopping online at this web site.

Where We Are
Tom’s Cottage, Spotfield, Bunnanadden, Ballymote, County Sligo. Nestled in a "Bee Busy Glade" in the foothills of the ox mountains. W. B. Yeats "Land of Hearts Desire". For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ballymote, County Sligo, Ireland